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The GIAB’S brand was founded in 1953 by Mr. Giancarlo Ballerini.
It is a brand with more than sixty years of experience in the manufacturing and is positioned among the top lines of haute couture.

After three generations of family heritage, GIAB’S is still a luxury brand with great potential.  The company also deals with manufacturing for other luxury brands.  And it is also thanks to the production of orders for important luxury brands that permitted us in recent years to continue to accumulate new inputs and this has allowed our brand to remain constantly updated and at the same time give its own style soul in women’s clothing . 

Our collection that follows current fashion trends is young but at the same time maintains an elegant, feminine and personal look.  Unique and high quality fabrics and craftsmanship are deeply appreciated by customers.  Currently the brand is well valued and sold mainly in stores in Japan, Italy, France, China and also in other countries.


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